Welcome TO Holland Lops R US Rabbitry



                                      We are       Jeff and 

Cindy Foree 

Broken Chocolate baby's I think buck and doe .

My newest hollandlop babys


Grand champion buck in his working close and molten lol 

New buck can't wait to see what he brings

another HOLLAND LOP Buck very good body and head set nice type 

            For Sale Page 

Broken orange For sale 35.00


For sale 35.00

            Brood Doe Page 

This is Hazel one of my best moms she is in cage # 15 

Welcome to Jeff's Rabbitry

This is Coco she will be one of my new brood does she is a sweet little girl can't wait to see her kits she finally had 7 baby's and do a good job 

This is Oreo she is a very good mommy doe she has very good kits she is in cage #13